Wishlist(For the "naughty"... good girl)

I love tokens of appreciations, surprises, and after thoughts. I fall hard for men who support the dreams and ambitions of young souls. 

Star Gifts

Gift me an item off of my "star gift list", and as a HUGE thank you, the lucky gentleman will receive a "on the house" 1.5 hour date.

A round-trip ticket to Lima Peru(First Class)

Why? Because culture is beautiful, and I need a reason to pack my 50 L backpack


MacBook Pro and Apple Mouse

Why? I am a student with a broken you really want me to walk all the way to the library


Small Tokens

No matter what kind of gift you give, I am always thankful and very appreciative! Below you will find small tokens that will make my life just a little bit more better.

 American or Delta Gift Cards

Kiehls Skin Care- Since 1851

Target Gift Card

Nordstrom Gift Card



Where do I send the gift?

Most stores have a "E-Giftcard" option OR you can bring them to our date!








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